Lunch break. 

Not that is matters but I haven’t written in a while. I’m sure holding back is deterimental to my health but fuck it we all have to go sometimes. 



She waited for the wasn’t enough that it was extremely cold. She waited for the storm to reach its peak,with all its theatrics. The thunder was the base while the winds harmonized, the rain sung above it all and the lightening was for effects. When the beat dropped so did she. She put on a performance never seen before. Just when I thought they were going to tell me the concert was cancelled…with all her nerve she killed it and saved none of us. She bled me dry. 


3 am

After all the fighting, it wasn’t long until I was on my knees with my legs slightly parted. My torso was bent at an optimal angle. I have awakened the beast in you. Somewhere between gasping for air and the puddles of intimacy I got lost. Everything I tasted was divine and every movement I made felt endless. 

Dear Augusta

It is such a shame that we were unable to flourish. All the stars seemed to align and the universe appeared to be in favor of us. I was mistakened. I can no longer participate in this adolescent game of candy crushes and emoji love. I am an adult who craves campanionship. I  deserve unconditional love,enthusiastic oral activity and honesty; none of which I am recieving from you. Your inability to reciprocate, on a consistent basis, the emotions needed to move forward is what has brought us here today. For what it was worth, thank you for that one memory. I wanted more but those probably would’ve ruined me… So I’ll keep the one I have in the best light possible.

I wish you nothing but the best and maybe the next girl you make feel like she’s yours and no one else’s will get a chance to love you. 
No longer giving a fuck.